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Meal Planning

One of the key aspects to losing weight, maintaining weight and good health is good nutrition and portion control.  I find that the best way to keep me on track to eating healthy is ‘Meal Planning’.  It’s become routine for me to sit down at the computer on a Saturday morning and plan 7 days worth of dinners for the family and 7 days worth of lunches for myself.  I then transfer all the ingredients I need to a shopping list – all ready for a Sunday grocery shop.  I don’t plan breakfasts as I make my own muesli and eat that each morning, except sometimes on a weekend where I might have some eggs and tomato or if I meet a friend for brekky or brunch!

It might sound a bit pedantic and over the top but trust me, if I didn’t do this then that is when everything goes pear-shaped.  Dinner time comes around and I’m tired and don’t feel like cooking or I don’t have the right ingredients – so I make something quick and easy – and it’s not always healthy!

So, on Saturday morning’s I plan my week.  I try to balance the kind of foods we have for dinner over the week.  I like clean eating – natural, unprocessed foods and lots of fresh vegetables.  I always make sure there is a fish or seafood dinner at least once per week.  I always have a vegetarian dish (meat free) at least one night per week.  I never have more than one night per week of red meat.  We always have a lot of green leafy vegetables.  We do often have a couple of nights of chicken dishes (breasts – no skin).  I often allow extra for MrMM and the kids (eg potato’s, rice etc).  For my lunches, I mix it up a bit and have a few  favourite salads and wraps (mountain bread) and sometimes sandwiches.

When doing my meal planning, I also always consider what I have on through the week.  Maybe I have something I have to attend at my daughter’s school one evening, or maybe I have Pilates one night, or I have to drive one of the kids somewhere etc.  On any of the nights where I have something on, I make sure I choose a quick and easy (but nutritious!) meal.  I also consider any lunch outings etc.

Meal Plan to ensure good and balanced nutrition for the week but make it easier for yourself by considering any events in your week ahead and choosing quick and easy meals for those days!

My healthy eating and subsequent healthy dinners did get some moans and groans from the kids at first, but they have adapted and enjoy the meals now.  Anyway – I have a policy in this house.  The picture below says it all!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I did 3 rounds of Michelle Bridges 12 Week  Body Transformation last year.  I am not doing it this year, however continue to love and live on many of her recipes.  Unfortunately, I can’t share any of those recipes with you as they are copyright.  You will have to join up to gain access to them or buy one of her cookbooks!  I also enjoy and cook many of Annette Syms ‘Symply Too Good To Be True‘ recipes, as well as other recipes I come across on-line, or though various Facebook pages I follow.

So I might be sounding like little miss perfect but I am far from it!  I have gone a little off track lately with some snacking between meals and not getting in enough exercise and therefore I have gained some weight.  But … I have joined a brand new Snap Fitness gym which is opening very soon and once I start there I have a feeling I will get my mojo back and with the endorphins of regular exercise will come less of an inclination for snacking!  I’m sure you’ll hear all about it in future posts! 😉

How about you…do you meal plan?

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  1. I have planned meals ever since we lived in Vancouver. I don’t know if I could do it any other way now. Mine consists of writing down the meals so everyone can see it and making sure I have the ingredients. Not so organized that I do it on the computer. I might try that actually.


  2. I work out the meals first and type up the weekly menu – including what page number of what recipe book etc. Then I go through each recipe and add to the shopping list what I need. I have a standard shopping list template on my computer which I created. It’s divided up into F&V, Deli, Dry Goods, Frozen foods, Meat etc. It helps when you go shopping then….or maybe I’m just an organisation freak! lol