365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 16

I’m grateful for Jacaranda trees!  They are currently in flower all over Brisbane and they are my favourite tree.  This tree was one I found in Manly when out and about today.  It looked so beautiful, I pulled over my car and took a photo.  Ok – several photo’s!  Jacaranda’s are beautiful this time of year with the gorgeous splashes of purple everywhere you look.  How could you not be uplifted by this display everywhere you go?!

Jacarandas, (Jacaranda mimosifolia), are spectacular late spring flowering trees, which create washes of purple through many Australian towns and suburbs each spring. Jacarandas come from Brazil but they grow well in Australia. In particular mass plantings of jacarandas along the street create a river of purple as well as a carpet underneath the trees when the flowers begin to fall.

Jacarandas are large trees which grow to 10m (30′) tall and up to 10m (30′) wide with a low, broad branching habit. As well as the commonly seen purple, there are also white-flowering and variegated foliage varieties.