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Welcome to my first official ‘Mish Mash Monday’ post!

As you’d know by now – I am an animal lover and I’ve had a few pets over my lifetime.  One by one, I will introduce you to them!

Today, I’m introducing you to Shaddi.  Shaddi was born in 1989 and passed away in 1999 at the age of 10.  He was a Maltese.  Photo’s used in this post are old family snaps so please excuse the blurry and poor quality of them.

I have searched high and low but cannot find his pedigree papers to get his full pedigree name and date of birth.  However, I do recall that the name ‘Chadre’ formed part of his pedigree name and that he was born in 1989.  The name ‘Shaddi’ as a pet name came from Chadre and also as a homage to a childhood dog I had who was named Shadow.

Shaddi came to us at a time when I really needed a little being to love.  We had been trying to start a family and it just wasn’t happening, so Shaddi was my baby and indeed my little shadow.  When we first got him, he was about 9 weeks old and like a little white pom-pom 🙂

Xmas tinsel and bow – ready for Christmas dinner with the relatives!

Shaddi was not only a gorgeous looking dog but he had a lovely temperament.  He was particularly close to me but loved everyone.

He used to go regularly to the groomers and always had a nice new bow in his top knot.  At Christmas, the groomers used to use some tinsel and christmas ribbon.  He always came with us to my parents for Christmas dinner and was a hit with all the relatives.

A little about the breed:  The Maltese are a toy breed that has hair, not fur. It sheds less, and is a better choice for people with dog allergies.  However, they are one of the highest maintenance dogs. Even a clipped dog will need regular grooming.  If you don’t want mats, they need to be bathed weekly and brushed daily – even when clipped in a puppy cut (especially when the puppy coat is replaced by adult hair).  Maltese are definitely an indoor dog.  They like to be clean and dry and although an active breed, they don’t require a great deal of space. This makes them ideal for those who have small yards or live in apartments. Maltese are generally quite content just lazing around the house.

We kept Shaddi clipped in a ‘puppy cut’ as it was easier to keep him well groomed and mat free.

Dark staining in the hair around the eyes, “tear staining,”can be a problem in this breed, and is mostly a function of how much the individual dog’s eyes water and the size of the tear ducts. To get rid of tear staining, you can get a solution or powder specially made for tear stains.

Shaddi had tear stain sometimes but not all the time, and I had developed a good routine to get rid of it.

He was a lovely boy and we will always miss him.

Shaddi was good mates with Monty – one the cats we used to have.  Here they are snuggled up together about to have a snooze!

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