Chelsea’s Vet Visit

In human years, our dog Chelsea, at 12 1/2, would be around 87, so she is getting some symptoms of old age.  She’s not hearing as well as she used to.  She sleeps a lot more. She sometimes just spaces out or seems confused – a possible sign of the beginning of doggie dementia (yes dogs get it too!).  Her eyes have a milky film (probably cataracts).  Her muzzle is greying, and the poor girl has arthritis in her back legs.  She has trouble getting up when she’s been lying down and sometimes her back legs just give out.  After losing our other dog ‘Colby‘ last year, it is worrying having her symptoms of old age so apparent…but that is how it goes isn’t it.  Losing our pets is the worst part of the whole deal.  They become such loved members of the family.  Anyway, Chelsea isn’t going anywhere yet and we intend to make her remaining days (hopefully years) with us as comfortable and happy as possible.

MissM holding Chelsea at her vet visit today

We have a fantastic local veterinary hospital – just up the road and open 24hrs – Manly Road Veterinary Hospital.  4 weeks ago I took Chelsea for a visit and she began a series of injections to help with her arthritis.  She has had an injection every week for 4 weeks.  Her fourth injection was today.  Unfortunately, they seem to be making little difference.  The plan was to continue the injections on a monthly basis after today’s injection.  We will discuss future treatment with the vet at our next visit in a month’s time.

Some time ago we started adding sardines to her dinner menu as the fish oil is good for her joints.  She also has some ‘Sashas Blend Joint Health Powder’ added to her food each day.

It’s interesting to note that Chelsea had no symptoms of being ‘old’ until we lost Colby.  Since Colby left us, she has aged quite rapidly.  I think that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and maybe other breeds of dogs, really need a doggie companion in order to fully thrive.  Perhaps it is because she has always had Colby as a companion all her life that to not have him has had such an impact.  This thought has had me thinking of ‘what next’?  I am getting puppy clucky.  I have warned MrMM 😉  Do I get another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or do I change breeds?  Do I get a new puppy while we still have Chelsea or do I wait until after she has left us?  I think she would love the company and that it would bring new life to her.  It’s a long time since we’ve had a puppy in our house!!

Chelsea is always where I am.  The trip to the vet has tired her out.  She has been snoring away in her ‘computer room’ bed (which she never lies in properly and it needs replacing because it has lost it’s oomph!) right here beside the computer desk where I currently am.  I decided to snap a photo of her.  At the sound of my movement she is instantly awake – alert to the fact that I may be moving elsewhere and she will of course follow.  So here is the snap of her sleepily checking to see if I’m staying put or moving elsewhere.

I’m finishing this post with this lovely picture, of a baby gorilla being examined by a vet, that is on the wall in the consulting room at our vets.  I have always loved it!!

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