365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 1

To kick off my 365 Grateful project, I could not use any other photograph than this one. This is a photo of my Uncle John as a young man on his wedding day. Uncle John is my dad’s brother. He passed away at 4:55pm on Saturday afternoon (22/09/12). He would have turned 84 next month. I am grateful to have known and loved such a kind and loving man. He was MC (master of ceremonies) at Mr MM and my wedding. In addition to the love he had for his children and grandchilden, he loved my children and was proud of their achievements. He was a wonderful man who filled my childhood and adult years with many very happy memories. He is now free of the extreme limitations his body has endured over many years and is reunited with his wife, my Aunt Lois who he sadly lost when she was only 52.

The oringal 365 Grateful project was begun by Hailey Bartholomew.  Read more in my original 365 Grateful post.

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  1. So sad, but as you said he is now free of his limitations. It makes you wonder why some people have to go through something like that. Thinking of you all.