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365 Grateful

Recently, a good friend (you know who you are) drew my attention to an article published in U Magazine (a magazine inserted into the Sunday Mail newspaper) on a Brisbane mum called Hailey Bartholomew who had begun a 365 Grateful project and had enormous success.  Her words below:

It all began back In 2008. I was feeling really down. It seems strange now to say that because I can’t think of a good reason why I should have been, but I know I felt incredibly out of sorts with life. It was like I knew in my head I had it good but I really wasn’t enjoying myself!

Hailey started seeing a Nun who did life coaching and counselling. She told her that the secret to happiness was all about reflection and gratitude. She asked her to write something down about her day that she was grateful for. So she did for awhile, but Hailey is more of a visual person and so rather than writing down things she was grateful for, she started taking a photograph each day of something for which she was grateful.

Her project grew into something she would never have imagined.  She is now making a film:

365 Grateful is a film about uncovering what happens when ordinary people unlock the remarkable powers of gratitude.

You can read more about Hailey and 365 grateful here, and you can see Hailey talk about the origin of her 365 Grateful project, what it did for her, and how it went global here.

I have had some recent challenges, hence my friend bringing this story to my attention.  So, I am jumping on the bandwagon and will be posting a photo every day for 365 days of something for which I am grateful.  Stay tuned for kick off!

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  1. I have allowed Pingbacks (links to each related 365 Grateful post and vice-versa) for the first week of 365 Grateful to show that there will be a page for every day of my 365 Grateful project and to refer you back to this original post from each daily post. However, won’t be allowing Pingback’s for the next 358 days for obvious reasons. If you click on the 365 Grateful category on the homepage – it will bring up ALL posts for every day of my 365 Grateful project thus far, including this original post which explains it’s origin.