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Gidday!  This post is to give a general overview of the area in which I live.  Wynnum, Manly and Lota are located in South-East Brisbane on Moreton Bay. If you would like to see the area on a map, you can look here.  The slideshow above is a series of photo’s I’ve taken on my Samsung Android phone during a couple of esplanade walks (love those walks!).

I haven’t lived here all my life.  I was born and raised in the western Brisbane suburb of Kenmore.  During my childhood, my dad’s work took us to some rural areas of Queensland so we spent a year living in Warwick and two years living in Mitchell.  My dad grew up in Warwick and Emu Vale.  His mum, my ‘Nanny’, still lived there when we were there so it was lovely to live close to her for this time.  The two years in Mitchell was an amazing eye opener for a primary school aged city kid – lots of horse riding and wild animals such as boars, emu’s, centepedes, millipedes, snakes etc!

I moved to the Wynnum/Manly area on my third dwelling as a married women.  We first lived in a unit at Camp Hill (great views of the city), then moved to a house at the Redlands Shire suburb of Alexandra Hills (pre-children), then built a house down this way that we eventually grew out of as our family grew..so just over five years ago we moved to a larger house with more storage…and best of all for someone like me who suffers badly during the summer months….it has ducted aircon and a pool!

On the most part, central Wynnum and parts of Manly and Lota are quite old established areas with many old homes.  As young couples and families move to the area, many of the old homes are renovated and take on a new life.  What I find a little sad though, is the amount of sub division that is going on.  The older homes are on large blocks of land.  As they are sold and bought by developers or families, the old homes are knocked down and the land is subdivided into two narrow blocks of land, so we see lots of those modern long and skinny houses.  Nice inside, but not always particularly attractive from outside..and rarely much of a yard left.  Aside from these older more established areas, there are pockets of modern estates within Wynnum, Wynnum North, Wynnum West and Manly and Manly West and the nearby suburb of Wakerley has become quite popular.

There is a fantastic group of people that form the Wynnum Manly Historical Society Inc.  They share a pride and interest in the heritage and history of this lovely district and have a website here.  They have fabulous photographs of the streets and areas of Wynnum and Manly that date back to the 1920’s and earlier. They meet on the third Thursday of each month (except January and December) to hear speakers on a range of topics. The stories are told of our first aboriginal occupiers, the European pioneers and the early social, educational and administrative developments that came to make Wynnum, Manly, Lota, Moreton Bay and south east Queensland the place it is today. Visitors are always welcome to attend these meetings.  They also hold Heritage Tours to various places of interest in south-east Queensland. These tours take place on a Saturday 3 to 4 times a year.

My husband (Mr MM) was born and bred in Wynnum.  He went to primary school here and later to State High.  His mother still resides here and three of his siblings remain in the general area.  One sibling lived in North Queensland for many years and on returning to Brisbane dared to break away and live in a western Brisbane suburb.

When I first moved here I wasn’t very keen.  I was young, I came from a modern suburb and everything seemed so old down this way.  I soon changed my tune.  It is cooler here in summer and warmer in winter and the esplanade provides a beautiful spot for walking, running, cycling etc…as well as beautiful picnic spots and many people get married at the parks along the esplanade.  Through my children’s kindergarden, preschool and schooling, I have met and made some lovely friends in this area.

There is another fabulous website wynnummanly.com.au which provides fantastic information on accommodation in the area, upcoming events and more.
Well worth a visit !

On my blog, I plan to feature restaurants, cafe’s, events, pretty spots…….so stay tuned to learn more about the beautiful area that I live in.

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    • Thanks for your comment Vicki! Yes – they do great work on capturing the history of the area and have amazing photographs of streets such as Bay Tce etc way back in the horse and cart days 🙂