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Introductory Blog Post

Welcome to my first blog post, a   step required to set up my new blog page – so it is mainly to introduce myself!  Hi – my name is Min and I live in the Wynnum/Manly area on Moreton Bay in Brisbane, Australia.  The photo included in this introductory post was taken from my favourite Manly cafe (click on it to see a larger version).  It is a decked area, under a tree and by the bay.  I will do a separate post on that cafe in the future!  The photo in the header of this blog was taken from a park on the esplanade at Lota, the next surburb on from Manly.  I read many blogs written by people from all walks of life, on all different subjects, and who live all over the world and have been inspired to begin a blog of my own.  It is an opportunity for me to have a creative outlet for writing and photography, to share my part of the world, and to meet new people and learn new things!  I have my ‘L’ plates on so please bare with me as I learn the ropes!!

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